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The high-power OptonPro laser is ideal for treating

  • Musculoskeletal diseases
  • Tendinopathy
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Painful trigger points
  • Neuralgia and skin disorders

The advantages of laser treatment are obvious:

  • Perfect localisation
  • High efficiency achieved in a very short time
  • Direct and systemic effects
  • Biostimulation and tissue regeneration as positive side effects
OptonPro openes the largest spectrum of therapies using laser devices that can be found on the market. With the OptonPro Zimmer MedizinSysteme, completes its range of the most modern equipment for physical therapy

Helmut Hoffmann
Eden-Reha, Donaustauf

2 wavelengths in one device

OptonPro has two wavelengths in the near infrared range. Laser light in the infrared range has proven to be particularly effective in therapeutic use. Infrared lasers achieve positive results for the described indications. Both wavelengths are absorbed by body tissue (water, blood, melanin) to a much lesser extent than other wavelengths, for instance those in the visible range.

The 980 nm wavelength has a lower tissue-penetration capacity, is absorbed near the surface and has an analgesic effect via a reflex pathway.

The 810 nm wavelength has a far greater tissue-penetration capacity and has a biostimulant effect, resulting in an acceleration of cellular activity.

The simultaneous application of both wavelengths in a single treatment session optimises the therapeutic effect since superficial pain receptors as well as deeper tissue structures are stimulated. Both wavelengths are simultaneously emitted at the same power. The semiconductor used is a gallium arsenide diode.

7000 mW of power

The penetration depth of laser light is a function of power.

The extraordinarily high power of OptonPro means sufficient intensity to reach even deep tissue layers. The power of the OptonPro laser is infinitely variable up to 7000 mW.

OptonPro thereby combines the laser radiation of two suitable wavelengths with exceptionally high power.

Very simple to use

The 30 cm colour touchscreen makes operation fast, clear and easy.

The touchscreen can be used to select the various indications. The therapist is provided with application recommendations for each indication as well as professional information about the treatment.

OptonPro also features a favourites and memory list, each with 120 storage spaces. Customised programs can be stored in both lists.



Safety without compromises

A comprehensive package of safety features ensures that application is absolutely safe, even at the high power of OptonPro: In addition to the multi-step laser activation with password protection, a safety foot switch, an emergency off button and the accompanying safety glasses ensure safety without compromises.

The heat threshold test supports the user in selecting the appropriate power output. This prevents overdose and potential tissue damage in people with a wide range of skin types.

Two different spacers that can be quickly and conveniently exchanged maintain a defined distance between the laser applicator and the skin.

An integrated calibration sensor ensures that the correct amount of power is emitted at all times.


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Technical data

Laser diodes
4 laser diodes in parallel operation
810 nm and 980 nm wavelength

Power emitted
Max. 7000 mW, continuous, unpulsed

Continuous or pulsed

Treatment field
Min. 0.8 cm², with small spacer min. 3.1 cm², with large spacer min. 9.0 cm²

Operating voltage
100 – 230 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz, 220 V / 60 Hz

Power consumption
Max. 200 VA

H 30 cm, W 35 cm, L 20 cm

3.8 kg

Intended use and indications not valid for the USA.

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