• Acute and Chronic Pain Treatment
  • Muscle Atrophy Treatment
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Muscle Training
  • Muscle Rehabilitation
  • Muscle Sport Training
  • Metabolism Stimulation
  • Treatment of Inflammations
  • Muscular Diagnostic

Physys provides all requested therapies for optimized treatments with its electrostimulation and ultrasound therapy programs in mono or dual channels.

Simultaneous therapy has proven to be very effective in my practice. My patients are quickly fit again!

Tjerk Wanders, Physiotherapist, Berg en Terblijts (NL)

Combined Treatment & »SonoSwing«

PhySys provides preset programmes related to effects for quick and easy use of the effective combination of ultrasound and electrostimulation.

Patent »SonoSwing«: Multifrequency heads provide both frequencies (0.8 MHz and 2.4 MHz) simultaneously in parallel with a selected ratio. The user can therefore determine exactly the treatment depth desired. These features enable the therapist to focus the treatment precisely on his or her plan for achieving pain reduction, or hyperaemia, or for improving restoration processes by increased metabolism.

Practical extensions and accessories


Vaco: Electrotherapy plus suction massage

Vaco allows you to apply electrodes with ease. Your patients are sure to enjoy the therapeutic effects of a suction massage during electrotherapy.

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Technical data

Electrostimulation: Channels
2, completely independent (Intensity and Parameters)

Electrostimulation: Channel selection

  • MonoStim: 1 programme > 1 channel
  • TwinStim: 1 programme > 2 channels
  • DuoStim: 2 different programmes > 2 channels

Electrostimulation: Waveforms
Galv., DD, LF, biphasic, MF, MF/LF, interferential, etc.

Ultrasound heads

  • Multifrequency heads
  • 5 cm² and 1 cm² (optional)


  • 0,8 MHz: deep effect / 2,4 MHz: superficial effect
  • SonoSwing

Maximum power emission Ultrasound
3 W/cm² for 5 cm² head

Number of programmes Ultrasound
9 programmes

Ultrasound Coupling

Audio and 2 colours optical

Combined Treatment
5 specific programmes

Memory / Update
SD-card (4GB) for indication menu memory
Free memory entries: therapy 120 / diagnostic 120 / favourites 120

Dimensions with SysCart
L 600 x P 550 x H 1390 mm

Intended use and indications not valid for the USA.