Innovation: Two selectable pulse frequencies provide a warming pulse which is distinctly perceptible.

Larger penetration depths can be achieved through this new pulse method, which allows higher intensities to be used with constant medium power levels.


  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • knee arthrosis
  • shoulder pain

Simple and Quick Application

The innovative Micro 5 construction accelerates the simple application due to its time and cost saving main feature: The adjustable radiator head provides three different emission field settings which can be simply and quickly adapted to each clinical picture. No additional costs and time-consuming exchange of various radiator heads required.


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Technical data

2.450 MHz

Power Output in Constant Operation
250 W

Power Output in Pulsed Operation
0,5 and 1 Hz

Power consumption
900 VA

Power Connection
230 V | 50 Hz

Dimensions (excluding radiator head)
33 x 42 x 72 cm (without the carriage X-base)

38,5 kg

Intended use and indications not valid for the USA.

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